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Fantabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!


We would like to thank all the people that voted for the Granby Preservation Society that allowed us to be a grant recipient of the 2016 Florence Bank  Customers’ Choice Community Grants Program.  


Above is the photo that was taken at the Awards Ceremony, you may recognize Cynthia R. Custeau, Branch Manager from the Florence Granby branch, in the photo above.  We  hope it will encourage our supporters to cast their vote for the Granby Preservation Society for 2019.  Every little bit helps towards our goal of painting the building, then moving forward to more restoration in the interior of the building. 

(voting takes place all year long and ends on December 31st 2019.)


We appreciate all your support over the 4 1/2 years journey to preserve Kellogg Hall


Florence Bank graciously awarded GPS a check for $500 dollars  at their annual customers choice awards held in March of 2019, for which we are truly grateful.    We would like to thank the staff at the Granby branch for their excellent service and community spirit.  We would also like to wish Cynthia more sunshine than clouds, and many happy times in her retirement.

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