Festival of Baskets

Festival of Trees had to be modified this year to :

The Festival of Baskets

But you don't have to use a basket, be creative!!!!

Pick a theme for your creation and then use a 'container' to fit your theme.

What does that mean?  Well, how about using buckets, crates, filled wagons, a bowl or pot, decorative boxes, a pocket book or knapsack.  Sports bags, barrels, canisters, dog dishes, 


Sparking the creative juices at all???? 


Envisioning any themes from those containers???

How about you crafters out there that might donate a few samples of their wares to show prospective buyers at the Craft Fair we intend to re-schedule next spring?  Do you knit, sow, paint, make masks, showcase your handy work . . . . we are putting these online for selection by viewers, put your name in the 'container' or show your business name.  

We've given you some ideas but we are sure you will come up with a unique and special idea . . .  now go with it!




To Donate for a basket
"we'll do the shopping, and create the basket" option,
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