Silent Auction


Submit your bid for a

Hand Made

Copper Trellis


You can make a bid online or at the Annual 2017 Car Show!

Email us and if you bid more than the previous person we will post it on line below


Any bids submitted will be posted at 10:00 pm each day 


Bids will be accepted until 06/17/2017 2PM at the end of the Car Show when the winner will be announced


Starting bid is $160 as of 05/10/2017. 


The starting bid of $160.00 @ 10:00 PM on 05/10/2017




Please make sure to put 'Copper Trellis' in the subject, the amount of your bid, your name first and last, and phone number to reach you.  We will use the time stamp of your message to determine the receipt of your bid to determine the first submission of a duplicate bid amount.

The decorative 7' Copper Trellis is hand made by Joe Maheu.  Mr Maheu is a professional roofer and coppersmith.  The leaves are hand cut and shaped from copper sheets.  The frame is made of hard and flexible copper tubing.  This piece would make a very attractive addition to your backyard garden.

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