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Election - Ballot Mailing - 2/7/2022
Nomination - Intent of Petition -

The election ballots will be mailed out tomorrow 2/7/2022 for the election of 3 members to the BOD.  The ballots are being mailed to members that qualify under the date parameters (60 days prior to the last Wednesday of January) as listed in the By-laws.  The deadline for return is 3/21/2022 (six weeks according to MGL 175) to allow out-of-state members time to return their ballot.










250 State St, Granby, MA 01033   (413) 255-0712


To All Granby Preservation Members,


Notice of Intent for petition for nomination

This is to give notice of intent of petition for Granby Preservation Society for any member who would like to be considered or put forth a candidate on  the ballot for a position on the board of the Granby Preservation Society. There are three seats open for this election. This notice is to inform interested members they must send in their prospective petition with 9 signatures (10%) of active members supporting their nomination, within 14 days of this notice to participate as a candidate in this election. The member must mail the petition to the Granby Preservation Society Election Committee with the intent to petition to receive a place on the ballot. The member’s petition must be returned no later than February 5th.

After your petition has been received by the required return date your name will be on the ballot for voting.


The petition must be sent to:

GPS Election Committee

P.O. Box 86

Granby, MA 01033


If interested please call  Granby Preservation Society at 413-255-0712  to pick up your Intent To Petition.

The petition must be received by February 5, 2022 to be accepted for this election. Any petitions received after February 5, 2022 the member petition will be considered null and void.



Judy DeLong

Election Chairperson                                                                                                                                                 1/21/2022       

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