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Auditorium - 2nd floor
Town  Clerk
High School Classroom 1st floor

Who was George P. B. Alderman?

George Perkins Bissell Alderman was a well known Architect in Western MA, New England and the Northeastern states during the late 19th and early 20th century.  Alderman started his own practice in 1894 and designed many more buildings than listed in the Wikipedia site below.  He was also know for his Queen Ann house designs, many of which were built in Holyoke, MA.  He specialized in the design and oversight of many churches, schools, mills and public buildings throughout New England.


The Town of Granby hired this prominent Holyoke architect George P. B. Alderman to design the new municipal structure to house the new high school, library and town clerk office in 1889 to accommodate an increased need for space for our small, growing rural town.  


As designed, the building’s first floor had a hall that ran to the high school room (25 by 35 feet designed for 45 students) on the south side and a 15.5-by-17-foot library room with a “round bay-window” on the north side. There was also a town clerk’s office with a records room, and a set of stairs at the rear of the building that led to a school yard. The second floor was one large hall, 38.5 by 40.5 feet “in the clear” for town meetings and “entertainments".

The Springfield newspaper predicted that Kellogg Hall would be “the handsomest edifice in the village.”

The PDF above has more buildings not included on the Wikipedia site taken from the link on the header of this document.  This list includes Kellogg Hall

Classroom in Kellogg Hall
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