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Granby Preservation Society

Who was Chester Kellogg?

 Chester Kellogg offered $3000 toward the project of a new school house and town offices for the Town of Granby MA, if they would raise the balance of the estimated  $7000 cost.  When a wrangle came over the building site, Mr. Kellogg bought the Fay lot in the center of town,  and conditioned his $3000 gift on the acceptance of that location. When the building plans proved too costly for the appropriation, Mr. Kellogg again came to the rescue, adding $1000 to his gift.   


Four thousand dollars was a size-able donation for 1889,  which equates to  $109,440 in today's dollar value (using a CPI inflation calculator; at an average inflation rate of 2.59 % per year, $100 in 1889 is equivalent in purchasing power to $2,736 in 2019, a difference of $2,636 over 130 years) .   We don't know how much he paid for the 1.78 acre lot he donated. 

So why would Chester Kellogg give  this large donation?  


 Chester Kellogg

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