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Our Mission

The mission of the Granby Preservation Society is to preserve, restore, and maintain the historic buildings within the town of Granby, Massachusetts. 

Currently our focus is on Kellogg Hall.  The goal of The Granby Preservation Society is to preserve as much of the original construction as possible while still making the building safe for occupation.  From the historic bell tower, to the winding stair case, to the original beams of the foundation, our goal is to bring Kellogg Hall back to a viable venue for the benefit of Granby's citizens.


Future uses have yet to be determined, but it has been proposed that soft businesses appropriate to the Village Center District, such as, but not limited too, Gift shops, Art Studios, Cafe, Legal Services, etc. would be installed in both Kellogg Hall and the Garages (we call the Annex) behind Kellogg Hall to make Granby Preservation Society (GPS) self sustaining.   GPS would like to preserve the Grand Hall and stage on the 2nd floor for public space, if possible, offering the opportunity for entertainment, lectures, exhibits etc., for the benefit of the Granby community.


We would like Kellogg Hall to continue to stand as a key component of the historic town center; an outstanding example of Queen Anne architecture, a tribute to Granby's history, it's people, their sacrifices but especially to Chester Kellogg and those who worked with him to provide an impressive, functional structure that has served the citizens of Granby well for 130 years, with the hope of serving them for another 130 years. 


With you involved we will be successful!

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