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2022 BOD Election Results:
Jen Chauvin - 53
Judy Delong - 57
Terry Lajoie - 46

Nomination / Election


Email from Judy Delong: Election


From:Judy Delong<>

2/4/2022 8:07 AM

To  TERESA LAJOIE,   gary,   Mike Beck,   Daisy Pennell  

Good morning to everyone on the board,


I am writing this email because I am resigning as chairperson of the nomination/election committee due to being nominated for the election. I was not going to run, but I feel there can be improvement moving forward to make Kellogg Hall come back to look beautiful as this hall once if elected to be on the board. 

The nomination/election committee are very capable and each have a key to different areas of the locked closet,  file cabinet,  and locked box. There are 3 of our members who have attended and have helped pick up the nomination forms from the post office and have met at Kellogg Hall to open the nomination forms, recorded and called and emailed for their responses for the nomination. This has been amazing team work, but the responses for accepting the nominations were not well taken by that member nominated.  The committee was handed over the forms, envelopes, and everything else to make this election possible and done in a timely manner. As moving forward as a member my hope is to see more team work and following our bylaws to make Kellogg Hall a destination place for people to stop and learn of it's history.





Judy DeLong 

Dear Granby Preservation Society Members,

We are reaching out to make you aware of some measures the organization is taking to do the upcoming annual nomination and election process via Postal delivery due to the uptick in the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in Granby as well as the rest of the United States.  We do not have a mailing provision currently in our Bylaws so under legal advice we are following Massachusetts General Law 175 which gives special provisions for domestic companies to use different measures in order to conduct their business during times of a National Emergency. 


Our annual meeting is usually held the last Wednesday of January, 1/26 for 2022.  Due to the anticipated Covid-19 uptick we can not have the election in person and must do the process by mail (USPS).  The actual seating of 3 new Directors will take longer to complete this year with an anticipated date of 03/14/2022.   The current Board of Directors may appoint people for a temporary period to continue business needs during the interim period of selecting Directors by the members.  The appointed people will be made known to the membership.


A Post Office box has been rented for the duration of the process (Nominations and Elections) and all correspondence must be post marked to be a valid submission. The nominating / election committee is sending pre-addressed envelopes with postage to return submissions, please use them as the official means of returning your submissions of nomination and election ballots, or they will not be accepted 

Our nomination process is starting 12/4/2021 with the mailing of nomination ballots to all active members in good standing (dues have been paid prior to 1/26/2022.)    Since we have several members that live out-of-state we must allow 6 weeks for return of their nomination and election ballots.  The return by date for nominations is 1/15/2022. The nominating / election committee will then compile the nomination ballots on 1/15/2022 and reach out to the nominees for acceptance of their nomination by 1/22/2022. 

The committee will then formulate a list of nominees for the three vacant seats on the Board of Directors.   Mailing of the election ballots will be 1/24/2022, and the return date will be 3/9/2022 to accommodate out-of-state election ballot returns.  

The nominating / election committee will then compile the election ballots on 3/9/2022 and reach out to winners for acceptance of their seats by 3/14/2022. 


All members of the Board of Directors will fill out and sign Conflict of Interest declarations in order to be seated, and existing members will update any forms previously submitted if new affiliations need to be documented.

Judy Delong 


Nominating / Election Committee                                                                                                                           12/3/2021

In Order to present full transparency of the Nomination and Election Processes


1. A  P.O. Box was set up for the election and I am the holder of both keys.

2. I had myself, Chris Beck, and Cindy Gaspari all sign conflict of interest forms to be put on file.

3. I have the membership list for both the nomination and election. 

4. I have personally addressed the envelopes to ensure confidentiality for the members.

5. I have embossed each envelope with the GPS embosser and have the embosser in my office to ensure no fraud in this election,

6. Every nomination form and colored envelopes left over after filling the mailing envelopes were shredded with both CIndy and Chris as          witnesses.

7. I showed both Cindy and Chris my briefcase and that it was empty with no nomination or envelopes in the case.

8. A disclosure was enclosed with nomination forms for the embossed color envelopes will be accepted only at the GPS P.O. Box. Any nomination forms sent or delivered to Kellogg Hall will be null and void.

9. The returned nomination envelope must be received by Jan 15th to the P.O. Box to be an eligible nomination.

10. All returned nominations will be picked by 8am Monday Jan 17th by myself and the election committee. If for some unforeseen reason          a committee member can  not be at the post office for the pick up I will have 3 other members with me to have as proof of pick up of           the envelopes

11.When picking up the nomination forms on Monday January 17th at 8am from

     the post office I will be in possession of a locked box. One person will be given the keys so the box will not be open until the election               committee meets and opens the nomination envelopes. 

12. The nomination committee will open together the envelopes and start calling and contacting the nominees.We will be asking of interest        in the position and also questions of time to give of having a seat on the board and also requirements for commitment of being a board        member.

13. As soon as all nominees have been called, ballots will be sent out and a date of 6 weeks from our mailing will be set as a dateline.

14. The ballots will be also handled in the same form as the nominations.

15. A spreadsheet will be provided with nominees and also for ballots.

14. Myself and husband will not vote due to feeling there could be accusations and rumors of a fixed election being the chairperson of this          election.

15. This election committee will have full transparency to its board of directors and members. 


Judy DeLong

Nomination/Election Chairperson                                                                                                             12/03/2021

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