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2016 GPS Car Show

The Winning Cars

Please join us in our restoration efforts.


This year the Car Show was held Saturday June 18th from 10AM-2PM.  


Car Show Results!

What a beautiful day, spectacular variety of cars covering the years 1923 to 2016.  Every owner has a personal connection with their car, many carrying pictures of the before and after journey through it's restoration.  Some lucky enough to have a car in the original state when rolled off the production line, but must be cared for to keep it that way.  Whether found on Criags list or part of their personal family history for 38 years, they lovingly strip, dis-assemble, search for parts, toil for years, re-assemble, paint, detail, re-upholster the inside, to bring that car back or keep it at it's original glory.   They then continue to clean,  polish,  tweak the various pieces of the car.  They bring the vehicle and their story to share with the public and their fellow car enthusiasts.  But their is a comraderie to be witnessed, as they sit and talk or visit each other to compare notes with other car show participants.   They proudly drive to many car show events or on joy rides which used to be the simple and budget friendly family entertainment  of the past.   Stop and visit with them at the next car show you pass.  Engage them in a conversation.  They have so much to share with you.  Just a very enjoyable day!


Winners of the Prizes at the 2016 GPS Car Show on 6/25/2016:

First Place - Steve Lachowetz - 1958 Cadillac  - from South Hadley

Second Place - Bill A - 1966 Thunderbird (unrestored) - from West Springfield
Third Place - Larry Muniec 1957 Corvette - from Wales
Fourth Place -  Paul Guillette - 1963 Corvette - from Belchertown
Fifth Place - Vincent Barre - 1970 Jacquar EType - from Westfield


Best Interior - Denis Lessard - 1955 Chevy Pickup -  from Belchertown
Most Modified - Jim Boudreau - 1923 Model-T bucket - from Belchertown

Best Paint Job - John Craddock -1957 Chevy Belair - from Wendell

Restoration in Progress - James Guzman - 1959 Beardmore London Taxi - from Granby


Thank you to all the car owners for sharing your cars and your stories!


Tractors, Tractors, Tractors!

A special shout-out to the family of Ed Parker and to George Randall for the entries of their Tractors used at tractor pulls.  Five tractors were entered, four passed down from Ed to family members.  Kyle Johnson entered the tractor his granfather Ed gave him.  He won first place in the 2000-4000 lb tractor pull class at the 2016 Granby Charter Days Tractor Pull held earlier in June.  


Pine Car Derby Results!

The Cub Scouts of Pack 4034 and Boy Scouts of Troop 306  held their Pine Car Derby in  Bay 1 & 2 of the GPS Annex during the Car Show on 6/25/2016.  Organizer James Guzman and Rollin Dewitt ran the race at 11:00 AM.   Various businesses in Granby helped to sponsor this event for the future car enthusiasts.  GPS is happy to have them as part of the Car show event.


Participants included :

Corporate Sponsors ; All Power, AJ Autobody, Happy Days, Granby Grain

Scouts Thomas Dewitt, and RJ Beaulieu.

Winners of the Race:

First Place - Keith Preston - of Allpower
Second Place - RJ Beaulieu
Third Place - Thomas Dewitt


Thank you to the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts for Running their Race during the Car Show !


Granby Historical Association Booth


Granby cars of the past were displayed by GHA members Terry Johnson and Cindy Watson.  Pictures were collected and donated or pulled from the GHA archives for attendees to view and ask questions.   



    A Big Thank YouTo: 


Immaculate Heart of Mary Church,  

Brooks Real Estate,  

Holyoke Merry Go Round,

The Hare Family,  Joan Dwight,           

Sand Dollar Village-Hampton Beach,

R & P Liquors,  Chicopee Provision,   O'Reilly's Auto, Auto Zone,

The Lemire Family,  Stop & Shop,  

Mary McDowell,   Lowes,  

Mary Ann Fortin Sadowski,  

Rock,  Subway of Granby,  

Dulce Gendreau,  BJ's Wholesale Club,    Eric Cable Museum,  Friendlys' of Hadley,  

Barking Bubbles,  Verizon,  Granby Liquors,  Central Rock Gym of Hadley,  Big Y,  Andrew's Greenhouse,

Michael's Auto Body,

Almost Edible Gourmet Candles,

New England Wholesaler,

Judy Laplante of Brooks Real Estate,

All our volunteers

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