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Festival of Trees & Baskets 
on the Weekends of
11-26 & 11-27, 12-3 & 12-4 

Basket Viewing, in person only

  • There are 85 donations to select from for a chance to win a prize. 

  • Take your time looking through the many donations (sponsors are posted) and just make your selection/purchase by 12-4 @ 7PM so your tickets can be placed in the cans for the drawing on 12/4/22 starting @ 7PM. 

  • Thank you for all your support and GOODLUCK!

Details for Purchasing Tickets, in person only

  • 85 items to select from to place your purchased tickets in the can for a chance to win the prize. 

  • Purchase of tickets starts 11-26-22 in person at Kellogg Hall thru 12-4-22 @ 7 PM.  

  • Purchase tickets in person at Kellogg Hall Granby MA, the weekends of 11-26, 11-27, and 12-3, 11 am to 6 pm, 12-4, 11 am to 7 pm.

  • Drawing will start 12-4-22 after 7pm

  • Winners will then be notified by phone, email or text to collect their winnings, so please fill-in the info completely when purchasing your tickets so we have multiple ways to contact you.

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