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Halloween Drive-Thru
Festival of Baskets (FOB)

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Halloween Candy Drive-Thru

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List of Nut Free Candy

Dots               Dum Dums           Junior Mints 

 Smarties         Tootsie Rolls         Tootsie Pops

     Blow Pops     Hershey Bars       Kit Kat Bars             Laffy Taffy        M & M s   (Without Nuts)     

    Milk Duds      Milky Way Bars    Nerds                      Nestle Crunch Bars

Thank You in advance!

Festival of Baskets

We are asking for your support for the Festival of Baskets by donating a 'Basket' entry for the event.  Below is the document giving the details for donating.  We would like to again thank our supporters  of 2020, that contributed 71 entries for the pleasure of our patrons and helped make it a very successful event.  

If you are considering donating a 'Basket' and don't have time to physically shop & assemble it, we would like to make the suggestion of purchasing through AmazonSmile.  The items must be received by Granby Preservation Society by 10/30 in order to include the basket in the FOB.  The link to AmazonSmile is at the bottom of this page.

After you sign in and make selection(s) to your cart​, click proceed to purchase.

Instead of using your own address, click change and make an additional mailing address. 

Use the information below to send the order

to the Festival of Baskets Event Chair

Name: Granby Preservation Society C/O Event Chair

Address: 7 Green Meadow Lane

City-State-Zip: Granby, MA 01033

Check the box to Designate it as a gift and enter: For the Festival of Baskets Event

Check the box to Send us your receipt: Enter our email,