Letters for Santa

Santa would Like to Hear from YOU!

Hi Boys and Girls and Moms and Dads,


Just writing a little note to let you know that I will need some extra help this year with your Christmas presents. I will not be able to see you at the Festival of Trees this year so  I am asking you to write me a letter – have someone help you - please include your address (and print it clearly) – and let me know what you would like for Christmas.  


Tell me a little about how your year has been – it’s been a little crazy up here at the North Pole !!


Bring your letter to   Kellogg Hall    250 State St in Granby, MA –  there will be a special mailbox just for your letters – and I promise to reply to each letter I receive.   


Please keep your eyes on GCAM  channel 12 as I will be making an appearance and keeping you informed of the activity here at the North Pole.


Hope to hear from you soon !!


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