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Restoring &
Preserving Historic



Our Mission:

'Breathing new life into

Historic Buildings'

Board of Directors Meeting
The next regularly scheduled BOD Meeting is the third Wednesday of April.  The meeting for 4/19
/2023 @ 6:00pm. Please take the necessary Covid precautions if you attend the meeting

Granby BOH guidelines apply

The Meeting Agenda has been posted for the 1/18/2023 


The 2023 Annaul Meeting

The Granby Preservation Society Annual Nomination forms and membership renewals were sent to many member households and should have been received by 2/3/2023. If you did not receive a packet and feel you should have, please contact us, 413-255-0712.

Please send your forms back by the dates indicated along with your dues if you are renewing your membership.

 The process of nomination and election will take several weeks to complete. the in person election will held 4/5 from 10am to 8 pm to allow all that wish to vote time to suit their schedule.

Judy DeLong

Granby Preservation Society Clerk

Fund Raising Meeting

The Fundraising committee for 2023 @ Kellogg Hall. 

Feb 16th

March 9th

April 13th

May 11th

June 8th

July 6th

August 10th

Sept 7th

Oct 12th

Nov 9th

Dec 7th

Anyone interested in volunteering for our fundraisers are welcome to the meetings.  Please contact

'Sometimes when everything gets cracked
it let's the light shine in
and leads you out of the darkness'

Future Fund Raising Events:

Our fund raisers are being developed!  Check out our Facebook page for details.

Check out our January 2023 Newsletter. 

Membership Drive 2023
You can renew your membership, or become a member(s) online.   
You can also download a membership form for the 1/1/2023 - 12/31/2024 membership period and send it to us via mail to
Granby Preservation Society
250 State St
Granby MA, 01033


Tax Filing Links
If you are interested in our state and federal filings or corporate documents.  You can do a search on Granby Preservation Society Inc. to find our historical information.  To see which forms we must file look under the information for a 501(C) 3 non-profits.   

From the president: Terry Lajoie
Granby Preservation Society Inc. has created an official Facebook business page owned by Granby Preservation Society Inc. as a Massachusetts Corporation and a Federal and IRS sanctioned 501(C) 3 tax exempt non-profit organization. This is the page that contains the official correspondence and information concerning all activities Granby Preservation Society Inc. is putting forth as news and events of the organization and the Board of Directors.

As a non-profit we are not allowed to have postings of political, discriminatory, prejudice or religious nature on our site as it would jeopardize our 501(c) 3 status.  This is notice that we do monitor and  will remove any postings pertaining to any of those topics or any of a similar nature.

"Restoring the past, for the future!"

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