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Restoring &
Preserving Historic


Our Mission:

'Breathing new life into

Historic Buildings'

'Sometimes when everything gets cracked
it let's the light shine in
and leads you out of the darkness'
From the president: Terry Lajoie
Disclaimer:  The Granby Preservation Society Face Book page is not owned by GPS.  We will be creating a business Face Book shortly with security measures to prevent one person from censoring the content owned by GPS. 

Right now it is under the personal account of Daisy Pennell formed in 2014 when she was first on the Board.  She is the admin and controls what is allowed to be posted and taken down if she chooses.  Anything you see as GPS answers are not authorized nor approved by a full BOD vote.   She has been asked to take down the site.
An Emergency Meeting was scheduled on 10/4/2022 for 10/5/2022 @ 5:30pm to replace Daisy Pennell as Treasurer per Section 4.1 of the Bylaws. Lisa Petraglia was nominated, accepted and voted in to fill the created vacancy for Treasurer at the same meeting.  Daisy submitted her resignation from the Board of Directors on 10/5/2022.

Future Fund Raising Events:

Fall Craft Fair 

We still have spaces for interested crafters.  Please apply and pay through PayPal online. 
Purchase a craft space and fill an application

Festival of Trees & Baskets

 Baskets and Trees, are starting to come in.  We currently have 20 baskets donated for the event.  Your choice as to donating a Tree or a basket, so be creative!  

Poinsettias for Sale
Preorder and pay for you order. 
We will let you know when they arrive for pickup.  Follow the link above for details.

Santa Letters
Santa has contacted us to start receiving letters from children that would like to let him know what they would like for Christmas.  Please send your letters or drop them off in Santa's box outside of Kellogg Hall.

Check out our June Newsletter. 

Membership Drive 2022 
You can renew your membership, or become a member(s) online. 
No Bays open for Rent :
Call the Rental Committee

For Availability
Granby Preservation Society (GPS) is an AmazonSmile Charity. 
 Amazon will donate .5% of your purchases of qualifying items to a registered AmazonSmile charity.  If you believe in the GPS mission, please consider making GPS your charity on AmazonSmile.


Tax Filing Links
If you are interested in our state and federal filings or corporate documents.  You can do a search on Granby Preservation Society Inc. to find our historical information.  To see which forms we must file look under the information for a 501(C) 3 non-profits.   

"Restoring the past, for the future!"