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Sunday October 30th 2022
Halloween Drive-Thru 2022.jpg

Update: For Drive and Pickup of Candy


The entrance for the TREATS will be the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church lower driveway across from the Granby Safety Complex.  Please  be sure to enter from that driveway as the upper driveway between Kellogg Hall and the Church will be blocked  off, and the driveway west of Kellogg Hall is for exiting only. 


Proceed slowly (10 mph) through the church parking lot following the guidance of our traffic technicians to assure safety for all participants is maintained.   If your children don't want to be scared please turn on your flashers once you enter the parking lot. Scary characters will not approach those cars. 


There will be 2 lines to receive candy to keep things moving. 

Please proceed to the distribution points where bags of candy will be distributed via  'grabber sticks' to assure social distancing is maintained.  Please roll down the windows and come to a complete stop to allow the Halloween characters to extend the bags near the open right side windows for the children to grab.  If there is more than one child in the car, please indicate to the halloween characters how many bags to place on the grabber for your child or children.  


After receiving candy bags continue around the back of Kellogg Hall and exit to the right to get back on to Rt 202 (State St).  Please take a right  turn to keep the cars moving out of the Kellogg Hall parking lot.


If you have any questions about the Halloween event please contact Dulce , Cindy, Judy or call the main office if they can't be reached at (413) 255-0712 and leave a message that will be relayed to them. 

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